Monday, June 22, 2009

June Fun!

Kyle has had an exciting month. From two Birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese to a cool new present arriving from Grandma Katie (his splash pad for the back yard), this is turning out to be a fun summer. And for the days we decide it is too hot to go outside, he got his own ball pit. Surprisingly, we have had a pretty cool June staying in the 90's almost all month.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Social Butterfly

I know it is sideways but it is too cute not to post.

Kyle's tour of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

Kyle was waving to everyone who passed us on the trail. He was talking non stop in "Goo Goo and Ga Gas" and when people would make eye contact with him or smile at him he would start to talk louder. People kept commenting on what a talker and happy little boy he is. We would joke that he was the guide. He talked for a good solid hour. Just like his dad :-)

Little Cute Explorer

Mommy's favorite picture from the trip.

Kyle loved exploring the ancient ruins in Northern Arizona. Now that he thinks he can walk, he will not let us carry him. He must have walked a mile that day. He also would not let us pry the brochure out of his hand. He really wanted to take in all the sights. He was a little tour guide.

Meteor Crater

We visited Meteor Crater near Flagstaff, AZ. Kyle really enjoyed the view.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kyle's boat trip

Kyle was thrilled to venture out on the family boat for his first time on his first birthday. We could not get him off of the ski plate. The water was a little chilly but he did not mind. I think if we would have let go he would have dove right in.

New Toys

Kyle loves when Daddy pushes him around on his airplane.

Birthday Boy!

Kyle is so excited it is his Birthday.

Kyle's Birthday Cupcake

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big Boy

Daddy teaching Kyle to ride a tricycle.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mr. Walker

Kyle and daddy love going on long walks down our street. He goes about 3 doors down then comes back. But his favorite thing is pushing Big in his shopping cart.

Pool Season!

Kyle's first day back in the pool. He could not be happier. He loves the water. Good thing too, because we will be living in the pool this summer (108 degrees Uggggg!).

Kyle's Date

Kyle and his girlfriend Brooke out to lunch.